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13 Going on 30

I originally wrote this for another blog of mine.


13 going on 30 is a romantic comedy about a 13-year-old girl named Jenna Rink, who desperately wants to be one of the cool girls. After the other girls play a joke on her at her 13th birthday party, she wishes that she was 30 years old already.
The next morning when she wakes up, Jenna (Jennifer Garner) is 30 and her life resembles something from Cosmopolitan magazine. She is the editor of a glossy magazine. She lives in a stylish New York apartment and the “coolest girl” from high school, Lucy (Judy Greer), is now her best friend. Of course she’s a little freaked out by grownup stuff and she discovers her grown-up self isn’t such a nice person. She meets up with her childhood best friend, Matt (Mark Ruffalo), and is shocked to discover that they haven’t been friends for years. As Jenna spends more time with Matt, she falls hopelessly for the boy, whom she had been blind to as a teenager. She also brings a new fun streak to her job and grownup life.

This movie is what would be considered a “chick flick”. Whenever I have mentioned this movie to guys in the past, they would just shrug. They say things like they didn’t finish it, or that they found it silly. When I watch this movie with women or girls, we roll around with laughter. It may be silly, but there is more to it.


I am unable to watch this movie halfway. It is too sad in the middle. I have to see the happy ending. I don’t always expect movies to have happy endings, (I mean common! Get Real!), but in this movie I really need it. In the middle of the movie, Jenna feels stuck in her life and she has no idea how she got there. I think this is a feeling many people experience

Personally, I love this movie. In both lives (13 and 30) the character grows as a person. It reminds us that sometimes, while striving for the things we want to have and the things we want to become, we sometimes forget who we are in essence and what we have already.

This movie reminds me about the parts of teenage life that I missed out on, of the things I wanted to skip and the things I held on to for too long. I think this is one of the better chick flicks. It’s bit of a guilty pleasure. Okay, I don’t feel guilty.

Writers: Josh Goldsmith & Kathy Yutspa (What Women Want).
Directed by: Gary Winick (Tadpole, Bride Wars, Charlotte’s Web)
Release: 2004 

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